My name is Marcos, aka "Novack". I am a professional game developer from Mar del Plata, Argentina, and I have been working on game dev for the past 15 years.

With wide experience on remote work and distributed teams, I have participated as a generalist developer on game projects for small studios and companies based in Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Australia and Argentina.

I am learning Godot, but have worked with different engines, like Torque3D, and for the past 10+ years have been developing on Unity3D, for projects targeting desktop, mobile, and web platforms. 

While still learning GDScript, I am proficient with C# and Javascript, and have worked with different languages over the years.

I understand version control, CI/CD, and the usual teamwork workflows and tools.

Have also worked with Net Core, Entity Framework, Databases, Rest APIs and have experience using Google Apps Script, with many deployed webapps / cloud services for internal tools or final games.

I tend to code as simply as possible, as a teamwork skill and a personal preference :)