Project codename StarshipPrototype
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Development notes

Short strategy/actions battles, on a time based economy.
Player does not interact directly with ships movement, nor issue direct orders to units deployed by them.
The aimed art style is this.

  • Make Reactor and Cannons, to be destroyable / repairable.
  • Cannons to be able to target specific ship parts (reactor, cannon, hull).
  • Droids to be able to repair specific parts.
  • Play Modes: Single player tutorial campaign, single player vs AI, multiplayer network, multiplayer shared screen.
  • Achievements.

How to Play


You are in a one-on-one, Sumo-like, space battle againts an opposing Cruiser.
You are in charge of the tactic decisions and the actions of your ship.
Orders can be sent by clicking on the cruiser sections, and using the UI. But be advise! everything you order to do, takes time. While the ship is following a given order, you wont be able to cancel it, nor issue any other command.

Cruiser Control

The Cruiser control sections.

  • Cannons: tap on any cannon to get the cannons command UI. You'll be able to decide if firing your cannons, and the number of cannons of the barrage (up to three).
The cannon rounds will be intercepted by the enemy force shield. However each impact will debilitate the enemy shield up to a point of leaving it non-operational. Until it recharges, the enemy ship will be exposed to direct cannon impacts.

  • Hangar: tap on the hangar to get the hangar command UI. There you'll be able to deploy the following units:
Droids: Will make repairings to the hull, in case your ship hull integrity be affected. They will idle until there is something to repair otherwise.
Fighter: This is your anti enemy unit plataform. Comes in squad of three, and will engage enemy droids, fighters, and bombers.
Bomber: these are your primary dynamic ofensive vector. Your bombers will be able to pass through the enemy defensive force shield, and launch bombs on his ship. They are vulnerable to fighters.
  • Bridge: The command center of your ship, when you tap on it, you'll be able to swap your fighters current attack priority. When you tap a button on this UI, that option will be the new top priority for your current and future fighters. Be advise, this will provoke them to disengage from any current dogfight.

  • Reactor: the room where the ship energy originates. This command UI will allow you to deploy an anergy boost to one of the other sectors, for a slighlty time improvement on the processing of the orders.
Boost Cannons: open fire will be a little less time consuming.

Boost Hangar: deploying units will be slightly faster.

Boost Shield: your ship shield regeneration will be faster.


When the "Shield Power" bar is grey, that means the corresponding force field is deactivated, and any incoming cannon fire will pass through.

For further info on each command UI otption, look at the tooltips.

Left click drag to pan the camera.

Right click drag will rotate the view temporarily.

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