My name is Marcos, aka "Novack". I'm a freelancer developer from Argentina, Mar del Plata city.

Active on game development communities from US, UK and Argentina, I have been working on game dev for the past 9 years (full time since more than 5 years), with a previous background on enterprise software development and IT management.

I count with wide experience on distributed work, participating on game development projects for companies based on Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, and Australia. I have worked with Unity and Torque engines, using C#, Javascript and Torquescript, for projects targeting desktop, mobile, and web plataforms.

My portfolio includes game projects for iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac, ranging from small prototypes to complete games, in 2D and 3D. I have been technical lead on various occasions. Have taken projects from scratch, and projects at half the roadmap; have worked alone, and on team.

My spoken english can be rough, but my communications skills are good.
I tend to code as simple as possible, as a teamwork skill, and a personal preference :)

You can find me on:

mail & google hangouts